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Weekly Windstone Overview: More! MORE PONI

It's almost been a month. Still drawing ponies. Learning more, and more each time.

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Anyway. Have pics. Enjoy pics!

It's just one of those reference renders I tend to do pre-drawing when I have an idea. I tend to do better thinking of looks graphics and then throwing more at it rather than trying to conceive all of it in my mind before I start drawing. I would like to start doing some real art in 3D rather than these reference things, but I haven't put the time to it. I've still got about a week or two left until I'm back in classes again. Maybe I can cram it in there and try doing something fun?

People who know me for a while know that sometimes I will get stuck on a thought and take it to the limits. Usually, when this happens, the idea I'm envisioning is about 20% as much of a good idea as it was in my imagination... Anyway, basically, I was taking something TO THE EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!! on , and then after I got done rambling about it I threw together a really really really reaaaaaally silly doodle. To be honest, some of the flatness of it was intentional, as normally I trend to iconize every portion of the bodies as something like a hyper-dense bubble. Sweetie Belle silliness.

It's Firecry_Sundae from Equestrian Dawn with a balloon. This makes veeeeery little sense for the character, though she's something of a thrill seeker, so there's that? I roll with the excuse that she just likes scaring herself or something. But if you're looking for a deep meaning to this or for it to explain much about the character, it doesn't. But it helps for lack of a decent description of her. Though in this drawing, her mane looks a lot more like cheese than fire, I think... A version without a transparent background can be seen here, and another version without the blush and some other things is here.

Part of an art trade with @starlightbolt of RDN. You can also view it on DeviantArt. I did a lot of talking in the artist's comments about characterization of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo which makes this image a lot more sensible to me than it was when I first started drawing it. I think it's fairly cute. I really really dig how Scoots's wings look in the pic, and I have no idea why. You can also check out the first iteration and second iteration if you're interested.

Okay, basically this image's chance of coming into existence is amazing to me. First off I'm ALIVE and know how to draw at all. And then My Little Pony existed long enough to get a reboot that was appreciated enough to inspire a MUSH which happened to get a new user a matter of minutes after being turned back on after a rude person intentionally took the whole system down for laughs. After a tiny bit of goofy RP, the idea of chili-jams comes up, as the person in particular actually does know a lot about peppers and things. In character they gave me a Scotch Bonnet which I had never heard of before, so I looked it up and OMG IT LOOKS COOL so I drew one.

Really, there's not a lot in that sequence that could have been different and still led to this pic existing. Anyway, as a quick practicey thing, I think this was a really nice pic. Only thing weird about it is the stim is kinda melty and nonsensical.

I had my MUSH character draw a pegasus with balloons, so I wanted to draw a pegasus with balloons. So I drew one. And it was nice. I'd kinda like to see this one polished up, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do that myself when I could spend the same time drawing more new stuff instead. Ultrahuge uncropped version is here.

Basically, I had a weird dream this morning where I was digging Princess Celestia a bit more than I normally do. So I guess she's grown on me as of late or something. Anyway, I drew the background pony Twinkle from a view I hadn't tried yet. And I like balloons, so I added one. If I decide to continue this pic, I'll probably add MORE AND MORE. MUAHAHAHAHAHA okaynightynightbedtime.

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