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Windstone Overview 1 February 2013

I've just been reminded that I didn't learn how to spell February until I was in highschool. I wonder why I expected to just master all the months and days and numbers in Japanese just by reviewing them about four times over the course of a year. Need more practice. Or maybe just find something I want to read. I dunno.
I wrote up a little scripted form to make these Overview posts fly by a bit quicker. Time to give it a little testrun. Hopefully it doesn't BREAK THE INTERNET.
In the past weeks we've gone from ID 2936 to 2942.
An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

A bunny I did another pic of over on FA. I'm naming her Linda for the time being.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

Pretty much the same drawing as above, but with one of the laziest colorjobs ever slapped on top. More for reference than anything else, I'm not sure I want to continue working on it. I'd almost rather pay someone else to reinterpret it and complete it for me.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.


An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

It was going to be a drawing of the Candy Bekir drawn by Not-Fun over on Tumblr, but then I got lazy.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

BUTT. Also, color reference for Toy Bloon. Basically, I highjacked Apple Bloom's colorscheme and borrowed from bits from Fluttershy's mane and Apple Bloom's tail and tried to make them a bit sharper at the edges. I think it looks pretty.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

Another case of me basically drawing stuff from another artist into something else. I totally forgot the horn on the character on the right. I can't decide if I'll name them Neon Lights, Fireworks, Darkhop, or Starglow. Or some mashup of those names. Toy Bloon's Pipbuck is kinda hard to see for sharing color with the balloon, but Fireworks over there has hers in plain sight. It also happens to turn out that both of them have somewhat similar colors to my niece's pet dogs.

Well, looks like the test passed. Though the code breaks when I pass in an anchor manually because it doesn't replace greater-than or less-than symbols with entities. Shouldn't be a hard tweak, though. The stuff to calculate most IDs since last update also is kinda wonk, since it pulls the IDs from images I want to share in this post, not the ones that I drew but want to keep on the low. But I can live with that.

One Cool Thing: POP: a short film about fetishes - Apparently, this is a movie that could happen. It's up on IndieGoGo if you're into funding stuff like that. Fun!
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Windstone Overview 25 Jan 2013

I don't wannaaaaaa~~
But I shall. We made it from ID 2925 to ID 2935.

I think I'm going to sit down and see about making something to automate the process of writing these things already.

If I ever do write a Fallout Equestria story, it's probably not going to be chronological order. I have no idea how writers keep their secrets under their hats. Except the times when building up context is necessary for any amount of significance to be had or something.
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Good Intentions

$380 later, I now own a fancy new ATX motherboard that doesn't fit inside my case, a fancy new CPU that would probably work just fine if the motherboard worked, and a brand spankin' new GPU that will not run unless I remove power from my DVD drive to power it. (And I hurt my fingers trying to remove the plug to test just that.)

After a few hours of trying to find a makeshift setup to at least try out the new Mobo, I decided I'd pack all the new stuff away until I could get a proper housing for it. Aaaaand. Now I can't power up the old Mobo.

My doubts about the quality of my computer science knowledge in the past 8 years is now at peak.

Cheapest full ATX case I could find is around $100 without shipping, and I wouldn't even know where to begin on a new power supply. I should go to bed.

EDIT: Got the old Mobo to work with the new GTX 650. On the first few benchmarks, it's performing roughly 2.5 times faster than my old card, and new features allows some software to run that previously wouldn't start at all. Yay for small victories!
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Windstone Overview 11 January 2013

I'm still slipping up with writing 2012 instead of 2013. I'll get it down in time. With any luck, I'll be upgrading my CPU, GPU, and Motherboard sometime today. The parts are in the mail and in the city, just not at this building yet. I was having a ton of weird bugginess with my aging WinXP install anyway, so I went ahead and installed Windows 7 in prep for the upgrade. I installed the 32bit version for now, but I'll be reinstalling the 64bit version if CPU installation goes well.

I know I haven't really kept to the idea of weekly updates lately, but I simply haven't had a lot I wanted to show off lately. At least, not a lot that I want to show off that I am allowed to show off. Had a recent set of explicit and DNP commissions lately.

Two brief notes before arts:
  1. I'll be shifting over from to soon for hosting my files and galleries and whatnot
  2. I'm going to see how things go when I move these journal posts to Friday instead of Saturday.
And now for pretty pictures!
In the past month we've gone from ID 2905 to 2924. You can use the next and previous buttons on the linked pages to browse the gallery if you like. There are often things there that I post nowhere else.

The Highlights:

Drawn for FanofEtcetera of deviantArt, also goes along with this other set of drawings.

 A sketch done after the conclusion of an art trade of an interpretation of the other person's half of the art trade. I like both about equally, and it's not something I would have drawn had the trade not occured.

 I keep telling myself I'm going to write a Fallout: Equestria / Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons fanfic. I even started a bunch of notes and played through Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas in prep... Then that kinda fell by the wayside as I realized I really just wanted to dink around in Fallout games more and maybe try a hand at modding the games. Still. Eventually. Fanfic may happen. Have some random fanchars.

 My half of an art trade. I didn't turn my brain on before saying 'sure'. Cools kinda neat, though.

 Pao is definitely not one of the first things I've drawn, but was in one of the first images to get uploaded to Windstone. Decided to have some fun.

 Puppysmiles continues to be adorabubble, even in some alternate universe/timeline/planeofexistence.

Buster Bunny. I got a tiny bit tired of drawing the same pose over and over, and I wanted to draw a bunny. Fanart happened.
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Windstone Overview 16 Dec 2012

Err.. Any particular reason I can't go back more than one page of my Friend's List history on LJ anymore? I usually only check those about once every two or three weeks, so losing the ability to go back is kind of a site-breaking issue for me.

I really don’t have as much to say about these things as I used to. Thinking about moving the domain over from to something else. Current semester of classes ended. Still got a few rage triggers kicked up from 2008 that still ruin my composure when I stumble across them. And I’ve gotten more info fanfiction since Fo:E, Pink Eyes, and Project Horizons.

Why am I posting this on a Sunday instead of Saturday? Because I was extremely extremely lazy yesterday. Also, because the promise of today being a #SqueakySunday had me convinced that if I’m going to do before next Saturday, I may as well do it now. Why is it Squeaky Sunday instead of Squeaky Saturday? Because this guy seems fun and friendly. And now let’s have a really forced grammatically unsound transition to artstuffs!

In the past two weeks, we’ve gone from ID 2882 to 2904, a total of 22 new uploads. Use the next and previous buttons from the pages linked above to navigate if you want to cruise around.

The Highlights:

This is the only one that doesn’t have a balloon involved. It compensates by being really shiny.

Probably just some doodles to loosen up before working on other things I can’t share quite yet. I don’t really remember.

I have no idea why it took me so long to consider a Yoshi Pony.

A doodle someone convinced me to color. Mewmew miss crossoveranthro.

That whole Kibrosa thing isn’t all that gripping in my mind anymore. But Luna loved. And I think she’s cute too. Just don’t draw ‘er much. Also, because someone asked me to draw more inflatables, I gave a pair a try.

I lauched a new deviantArt group. It needs a lot of work. It happens to sit right in with my usual priorities and interests though, so I have no qualms about trying to keep it going.

Apple Bloom and a balloon. Because I like both. It’s like Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches. Two tastes that I like. CRAM ‘EM TOGETHER! Oh wait I’ve been doing that for about two years now.

Pony Days:
MLPFiM S03E04: One Bad Apple - If you like the CMC being cute or like blank flanks, there’s a ton of it in this one. And there’s also an attempt at telling a story about bullies, but apparently that’s a touchy topic that made some people explode in rage. Cute EP though.
MLPFiM S03E05: Magic Duel - Tons and tons of callbacks to Boast Busters. The most opaque of continuity referencing, Zecora’s return, and hints at the extent of Twilight’s current magical limit (spoilers: she’s not goddess tier yet).  Also it allowed for a fun Frogurt joke by fans.
MLPFiM S03E06: Sleepless in Ponyville - Apparently the Princess of the night can see into nightmares (and probably other dreams besides). Also, some of the most slick Scootaloo animations we’ll probably ever see of the show. Not one of the funnier episodes. A number of family-centered topics touched on.
MLPFiM S03E07: Wonderbolts Academy - Did I mention Season 3 made Fallout Equestria seem a lot more plausible? Because it did. Pegasus society seems freaking harsh. Oh also, Top Gear * FiM + Bootcamp.  

One Cool Thing: Your Optimal Creativity Time May Be the Opposite of Your Optimal Cognitive Time via Lifehacker.
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Weekly Windstone Overview

Monday'll be my last day of class for the current semester. After that, it's just one project, a handful of finals, and then FREEDOM!
This week: My mother got sick, my mother got better, and I found a new store that sells money packs. 
Past two weeks: We've gone from Image ID 2856 to 2880

Pony Day: MLPFiM Season 3 Episode 05 Magic Duel - A more action-oriented episode with large heapings of Season 1 continuity-porn. Pretty friggin' nice. It's definitely a needed change of pace from the past four episodes. And I feel kinda silly saying that, as I think it's the episode with the least balloons shown on screen all season thus far.

Cool Things:
Play Youtube Playlists via VLC! This is handy.
How to Make a Nuka-Cola. It's more of an arts and crafts thing than anything else, though.
Save to Google Drive Context Menu Option! For if you find yourself dropping things into drive often, this could be a faster way about it.
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Windstone Overview 17 Nov 2012

Totally knocked out hardcore last night. Anywho, I’m awake enough today. I haven’t tagged things for easy searching yet. Plan to get caught up on that tomorrow.

In the past two weeks, we’ve gone from ID 2819 to 2855, a total of 36 new uploads. Use the next and previous buttons from the pages linked above to navigate if you want to cruise around.
The Highlights:

A fresh Confetti cutie mark!

Bunnyponies. Can’t go wrong!

Puppysmiles being adorable!

Pony Days:
MLPFiM S03E03: Too Many Pinkie Pies was made of FUN. Liked it a great deal more than the season opener. While the two part opener was cute too, it felt like too many ideas in too little time. Again.
( Also, Littlest Petshop Ep03 was cute too. Didn’t have the catchy character-introducing music of Ep01, but still. )

One Cool Thing: Legend of Dungeon looks really really cool, visually. Not sure how long the gameplay would keep me, though. But more importantly, it reminds me of Legend of Dragoon. VOLCANO!

break your face from above heck yeah

Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons

I just finished volume one of Project Horizons. It's much more explicit, violent, and depressing than the whole of Fallout: Equestria. I think I've been on the edge of crying at least five times since I've started reading it, and I'm not entirely sure why I'm compelled to continue reading when they're darn set on beating any glimpses of hope to a pulp. Yet I am. I also found it a much less comforting, less gripping read than Fo:E. I'm not sure how much of that is due to the work as a whole being incomplete and not having time to polish up earlier sections like Fo:E has had time to do, or if it's just the different writing style, or if it's something about the pacing in general. There's also a number of times where I questioned if some of the text was written as filler or to GIVE ALL THE DETAILS in spots where it would have been equally suitable for whatever future payoff is intended to just summarize it and jump to the next part. Anyway, I think I'm going to keep going.

Collapse )

Also Fallout: Equestria - Pink Eyes is adoralarious and I love it. Even if it is a comedy about a dead pony baby in a derptastic spacesuit with a survival AI. Especially because it is a comedy about a dead pony baby in a derptastic spacesuit with a survival AI. (I'm currently on Chapter 16. It's significantly shorter than the other two fics, and I don't want to rush it to the end.)

(PS, I'm sharing my Zamzar converted story-to-MP3s via Google Docs. I'll probably post a link in this line when I get it ready, or make a new post about it. Might even slap it up on Youtube for convenience.)

break your face from above heck yeah

Three Re-Reads of Fallout Equestria Later...
It's still fun
. Apparently, I'm not very good at estimating how much I will like things before I try them.

Also, turns out there's at least a dozen other fanfics that are set in the same / a similar universe to Fallout Equestria that were considered canon by the author of the original fic. At least one of which is already longer than the original fic, but is still incomplete (and ongoing, like webcomics).

The story also convinced me to play through Fallout 3, which I've finally beaten for my first time. And then I started a new character on a higher difficulty to try an unarmed + stealth approach, similar to one of the characters in Fo:E. I'm waiting on a sale to roll around so I can pick up New Vegas, but knowing I won't have time to play a ton of it until sometime in December, I'm not in any rush to scoop it up. If you decide to play through 'em, I very much recommend keeping multiple saves. Save often. I ran into two different game-breaking bugs while playing, one fixed through reloading a past quicksave, and the other which required me to toggle wallclipping to get to a gate that glitched permanently closed due to my questing order.  But I've had fun with those games too.