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Everything I thought I drew this week, I drew last week. Except for a handful of doodles I don't really want to go out of my way to scan and post. So have some neat things that I didn't make instead!
Heaven Variant!

This game appears to be a somewhat Einhander-inspired scrolling shooter game. I'm pretty excited about it. Everything they've shown of the game so far seems to glow and pulse with energy.

Rainbow Dash Presents: Haunting Nightmare the Commentary Track

I'm not going to lie, the commentary track of this particular RDP story is more entertaining to view than the video itself. Kind of a critical look-over what they've created.

Awesomenauts for PC is now out on Steam! Think Super Smash Bros. + League of Legends + 90s cartoons, and you've probably got a ballpark of what this is like.

The Jester hero DLC for Dungeon Defenders is out now. It includes a new level, a new hero, a costume for the hero, and a few new weapons. It's going to stay free for about a week and two days from this post, so if you own Dungeon Defenders at all, you should pick up the DLC now for free, so that you can keep it for free forever. After the time is up, the DLC price will be set at roughly $5 USD.

They're a fun class. They have HP scaling close to the Squire, damage scaling close to the Monk, a skill-based roulette wheel that can do anything from player buffs, to insta-wiping ogres off the map... to turning enemies gold and giving them extra strength. They also use presents for towers which can give very low-DU defenses if you're lucky. Key word is lucky, as the presents spawns are randomized, and can be anything from mana, to equipment, to towers, to ogres. Without much time spent with them to learn their strengths and weaknesses, they make solid DPS/support characters.

Amulets and Armor is a somewhat actiony DOS RPG type of game that I've never heard of. And then Ancient DOS Games covered it. BEHOLD.
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