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Drawing Overflow - Lazy Way Out

I don't really have any explaination for how I fell so far behind all over again in the past few weeks. Since the last update, we've submitted posts in the range 2646 to 2688. I'll add thumbnails for a few of my favorites below.
Personal Highlight(s):

The main reason for the inclusin of the first image is that I like how the dragony-critter came out. The felinesque critter and the one on the right are nice and shiny, just like I like. All of these were drawn with an Asus EP121, which I just about about a week or two ago. Still trying to learn how to use the thing. For my particular case, this ended up being a more attractive option than buying a Wacom Cintiq, as none of the computers in this house are particularlly powerful. So having a separate dedicated device for handling the drawing is a lot more useful than having a huge extra input device taking up most of my desk space away when I need it to do classwork and whatnot. Another bonus is that I can take the EP121 with me on the go when I want to have it around for quicksketching.

(On a related note, I'm planning on opening up for commissions again. But it'll be sort of a different approach this time. We'll see.)

I had a particularlly good month in terms of pencil drawings. Just so much good stuff kept popping out one after the other with minimal effort. Made me pretty happy. The last pic with the color was an early attempt to use my EP121 to color the pencil sketch over using the current version of MyPaint. It went well enough, though the sections where I got too lazy to recolor pencil lines stand out against the balloon and dress in a way that's not very pleasant looking. Overall though, I think this is pretty good. The pic of Jewels the bunny in her skirtdressthingy on the upper layer is really fun to took at. <3


One Cool Thing: Ancient DOS Games hits Episode 100! They cover the game Bubble Bobble, with a reasonable discussion of a lot of different versions of the game and some mention of Bubble Bobble sequels. There's a few funny live-action segments in there as well. This also marks the end of ADG Season 2, so there's going to be a bit of a break, a filler episode, and then more time for another break. So there won't be any new ADG episodes for a while. PEOPLE SIZED BUBBLES!

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