Retl (travisuped) wrote,

Draw All the Things!

I've felt better. Dizziness spells are not fun. HAVE SOME PICTURES!
In the past two weeks, we've gone from ID 2745 to ID 2770

I forgot to make the background something other than alpha. But I really like how Kim looks.

Lotsa doodling with no particular goal. I really dig the right half of the page.

I have some toys that I was gifted, and others that I'd like to see. So I drew them.

One of my course lectures got really boring. This little 'on popped onto the page. I like it.

Another byproduct of a very boring lecture. Kinda reminds me of Sylvia and Silvini a bit.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to draw a pony in a bikini or a pony with balloons, so I crammed it all together into one haphazard quickdoodle to test a new uploader account for Windstone. Uploading worked perfectly fine.

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