Retl (travisuped) wrote,

Thirty Six Chapters of Fallout Equestria Later

It's probably the most graphically explicit violence I've ever read in any book. It's also probably the longest I've ever read into any one series. Even with Harry Potter, I dropped off somewhere in the fourth or fifth volume. Admittedly, I unsure how much that matches up in a wordcount/pagecount fashion. I used two different 'audio-books' on Youtube to get up first to 22, then to 30. From there, I've been sending off text-file downloads of the story to Zamzar for a very broken and hard-to-understand but quick-to-get-to text-to-speech MP3 reading.  I'm fairly sure I've been reading/listening longer than any RPG I've played before, anyway. (For narrative. I have +200 hours logged in Disgaea 3, but less than half of that was from the main story. Lots and lots of levelgrinding mages and Nekomatas.) Anyway, I've been enjoying Fallout: Equestria, and I'm almost a little bit sad I'll be done reading it soon.

Oh, also I drew some stuff. I haven't tagged it or anything, but I figured I should at least mention them. At least one of which I may return to and polish up in the future.

Edit: Thirty Eight Chapters Later... (They do know Hydrogen and Helium aren't the same, right? Or maybe they were referring to the flying balloons rather than the decoration?)

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