Retl (travisuped) wrote,

Three Re-Reads of Fallout Equestria Later...
It's still fun
. Apparently, I'm not very good at estimating how much I will like things before I try them.

Also, turns out there's at least a dozen other fanfics that are set in the same / a similar universe to Fallout Equestria that were considered canon by the author of the original fic. At least one of which is already longer than the original fic, but is still incomplete (and ongoing, like webcomics).

The story also convinced me to play through Fallout 3, which I've finally beaten for my first time. And then I started a new character on a higher difficulty to try an unarmed + stealth approach, similar to one of the characters in Fo:E. I'm waiting on a sale to roll around so I can pick up New Vegas, but knowing I won't have time to play a ton of it until sometime in December, I'm not in any rush to scoop it up. If you decide to play through 'em, I very much recommend keeping multiple saves. Save often. I ran into two different game-breaking bugs while playing, one fixed through reloading a past quicksave, and the other which required me to toggle wallclipping to get to a gate that glitched permanently closed due to my questing order.  But I've had fun with those games too.
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