Retl (travisuped) wrote,

Windstone Overview 17 Nov 2012

Totally knocked out hardcore last night. Anywho, I’m awake enough today. I haven’t tagged things for easy searching yet. Plan to get caught up on that tomorrow.

In the past two weeks, we’ve gone from ID 2819 to 2855, a total of 36 new uploads. Use the next and previous buttons from the pages linked above to navigate if you want to cruise around.
The Highlights:

A fresh Confetti cutie mark!

Bunnyponies. Can’t go wrong!

Puppysmiles being adorable!

Pony Days:
MLPFiM S03E03: Too Many Pinkie Pies was made of FUN. Liked it a great deal more than the season opener. While the two part opener was cute too, it felt like too many ideas in too little time. Again.
( Also, Littlest Petshop Ep03 was cute too. Didn’t have the catchy character-introducing music of Ep01, but still. )

One Cool Thing: Legend of Dungeon looks really really cool, visually. Not sure how long the gameplay would keep me, though. But more importantly, it reminds me of Legend of Dragoon. VOLCANO!

Tags: art

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