Retl (travisuped) wrote,

Weekly Windstone Overview

Monday'll be my last day of class for the current semester. After that, it's just one project, a handful of finals, and then FREEDOM!
This week: My mother got sick, my mother got better, and I found a new store that sells money packs. 
Past two weeks: We've gone from Image ID 2856 to 2880

Pony Day: MLPFiM Season 3 Episode 05 Magic Duel - A more action-oriented episode with large heapings of Season 1 continuity-porn. Pretty friggin' nice. It's definitely a needed change of pace from the past four episodes. And I feel kinda silly saying that, as I think it's the episode with the least balloons shown on screen all season thus far.

Cool Things:
Play Youtube Playlists via VLC! This is handy.
How to Make a Nuka-Cola. It's more of an arts and crafts thing than anything else, though.
Save to Google Drive Context Menu Option! For if you find yourself dropping things into drive often, this could be a faster way about it.
Tags: art, balloons, mlpfim, ponies
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