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Windstone Overview 1 February 2013

I've just been reminded that I didn't learn how to spell February until I was in highschool. I wonder why I expected to just master all the months and days and numbers in Japanese just by reviewing them about four times over the course of a year. Need more practice. Or maybe just find something I want to read. I dunno.
I wrote up a little scripted form to make these Overview posts fly by a bit quicker. Time to give it a little testrun. Hopefully it doesn't BREAK THE INTERNET.
In the past weeks we've gone from ID 2936 to 2942.
An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

A bunny I did another pic of over on FA. I'm naming her Linda for the time being.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

Pretty much the same drawing as above, but with one of the laziest colorjobs ever slapped on top. More for reference than anything else, I'm not sure I want to continue working on it. I'd almost rather pay someone else to reinterpret it and complete it for me.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.


An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

It was going to be a drawing of the Candy Bekir drawn by Not-Fun over on Tumblr, but then I got lazy.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

BUTT. Also, color reference for Toy Bloon. Basically, I highjacked Apple Bloom's colorscheme and borrowed from bits from Fluttershy's mane and Apple Bloom's tail and tried to make them a bit sharper at the edges. I think it looks pretty.

An embedded thumbnail from Windstone.

Another case of me basically drawing stuff from another artist into something else. I totally forgot the horn on the character on the right. I can't decide if I'll name them Neon Lights, Fireworks, Darkhop, or Starglow. Or some mashup of those names. Toy Bloon's Pipbuck is kinda hard to see for sharing color with the balloon, but Fireworks over there has hers in plain sight. It also happens to turn out that both of them have somewhat similar colors to my niece's pet dogs.

Well, looks like the test passed. Though the code breaks when I pass in an anchor manually because it doesn't replace greater-than or less-than symbols with entities. Shouldn't be a hard tweak, though. The stuff to calculate most IDs since last update also is kinda wonk, since it pulls the IDs from images I want to share in this post, not the ones that I drew but want to keep on the low. But I can live with that.

One Cool Thing: POP: a short film about fetishes - Apparently, this is a movie that could happen. It's up on IndieGoGo if you're into funding stuff like that. Fun!
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