March 17th, 2012

kilo balloon balloons balls :D average

Weekly Windstone Overview

Yeah, after giving it a few tries, I'm not sure Inkbunny is really a place I need to be. Also, today kinda sucked. But the rest of the week did not. So that's kinda neat.

Revel Romp riding a balloon. Because I thought it looked cute, it fits his cutie mark, and balloons make great steeds for short distance travel.

There's a series of comics called "Squeezing It" or something like that. This sketch has pretty much nothing to do with that series.

I got lazy when trying to figure out how to draw chainmail armor. This is a very very *wrong* look as far as intent. But taken as is, I really reaaaally like this picture. A lot. But it's definitely not the bard I was going for. It's a little too showy for her.

Still doesn't look like actual armor, and there's no hood. But you know what, I'm okay with that. I think this is pretty. I like it just as much as the image before.

It's a thingy! It enables flight! I'll call it the JAGERSCHNITZEL! Or I guess I'll call it the Pegasus or something.

Because Side-scrolling games.

These are balloons!! And you must try some!!!! Because!!!!!! Just what.

Because if he hadn't done this in the show, he'd not be totally notable.

It's Hot Blooded Pokey PIErce! What did you expect? A sleepy pony? Go get 'em, wild guy!


Pony Day: It was an episode with dragons in it. Fun for worldbuilding and fanwork fuel. Not much else notable about it. If you really want to see the Dragon Quest episode, shouldn't be too hard to track down.

Cool Thing: Ancient DOS Games: Techno Venture - Kinda weird. Though it was pretty neat, though. Stun Rays are nice. A relatively short video.